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How it works

So, How does works ?

"Somewhere on school/campus/university, there is a student just like you, trying to sell that exact thing you need. will make sure you two find each other."

We make buying and selling easy!
Step 1: Register with your gmail/email address or directly from facebook login and add your title, description, picture, name of college/school and price!

Step 2: Click "Post a new listing" and your post will be live!

Step 3: Start connecting and trading with students community

We’re working hard to spread the word and respond to your needs. But  we need your support. Do share your experience with friends, peer group and classmates.

And, if you have any suggestions, please send us an email on to help us serve you better.

1. How do I list/post my ad/listing on
Create your account, verify your email address and Post a new listing on #HappyListing!

2. I want to give my item (books, furniture or etc.) for free, is there any way to set FREE  in price field?
Please select Give Away listing type when you Post a new listing.

3. Does charge a fee when I buy something?
No. is absolutely free for all buyers. You simply have to register first by entering your name, e-mail, and agree to our terms and conditions. After that, you may search our listings and contact the sellers.

4. How do I exchange the items?
After the buyer and the seller agree on a price and payment method, they can either have the item shipped or meet in person. If you choose to meet in person, we strongly recommend that you meet in a busy area such as the library or the ground or crowded place, just to be safe.

5. Does collect a commission from sold items?
No. does not charge a fee ("free for students") for listing items.

6. Is my personal information safe?
Your privacy is very important to us. We do not sell or rent your personal information to any third parties for their marketing purposes. Your contact information will not be made public. Only your First name will be displayed on your profile and next to your posting so that registered users of the website can contact you. If you share other details and want to make them visible its all your risk, we are not entitle to take care on that.

7. How Long is each listing good for?
Each listing will remain for 30 days and the user has the option to re-list again or request us to reactive the listing.

8. How do I report a problem or make a suggestion?
If you encounter a technical problem, please contact us via form or email us at
A support specialist will contact you ASAP. We are also open to all suggestions and will be happy to hear your thoughts. Feel free to e-mail us at

9. How do I change my personal information or make changes to my listings?
Simply log into your account section. you can easily add or remove a listing, or modify an existing one. you can also make changes to your personal information. We strongly recommend that you update your email address in case of a change.

10. Is trading class work legal?
Selling/sharing/exchanging your own original class work is perfectly legal. However, some teachers distribute complete or incomplete pre-written notes, or sample tests which may not be copied with the intent of selling/sharing/exchanging without the agreement from the original owner. Also, making copies of someone else’s original class work with the intent to sell/share/exchange without their agreement violates the respective owner’s copyrights.